What is your website for?
Our resource is devoted to currency exchange operations. Here you can get acquainted with the most relevant news of the crypto-currency market, to open your multicurrency wallet and exchange all currencies at the most favorable exchange rates.
How to make a profitable exchange using your website?
To conduct profitable exchange operations, you need to perform a number of simple actions:
  1. Decide on the choice of currency pair for the exchange; Click on the required currency names in the left panel (for example, in the "Send" column, select WMZ, and in the "Get" - WMR); After that you will automatically update the table on the right with the offers of exchange offices and will be able to proceed with the selection of the most optimal exchanger with the appropriate rate and reserve.
  2. You can sort the table by arbitrary columns by left-clicking on the heading of the corresponding column.
  3. Click the "Exchange" button of the exchanger you are interested in. After that, the main page of the exchange site will automatically open in a new window;
  4. Make the necessary actions for exchange on the site of the selected exchanger.
How many WMZ needs to be exchanged for 1000 WMR?
To know in advance how much you will need the original currency to get the exact amount of the final currency, you can use the Calculator function.
  1. Decide on the choice of currency pair for the exchange;
  2. Click on the required currency names in the left panel (for example, in the "Send" column, select WMZ, and in the "Get" - WMR);
  3. On the opened page, open the "Calculator" tab;
  4. Check the box next to "Get";
  5. Enter "1000" in the field to enter the amount;
  6. Click the "Calculate" button;
  7. Now, opposite each exchange point, you see the amount, how much you need to give WMZ to get 1000 WMR.
How to change the direction of currency exchange.
You can swap the selected currencies by switching the "Send" and "Get" checkboxes. This can be useful for quickly determining the margin - the difference in the purchase and sale of currency, as well as to monitor the state of the exchange market.
Why is the course in monitoring different from the exchange rate in the exchanger?
All information about exchange rates and reserves is provided by the exchange offices themselves. Possible discrepancies on the part of monitoring are minimal, because Our monitoring is set to a fairly high download speed of updated data from exchangers (continuously every 5-10 seconds). In most cases, the problem of an incorrect course or reserve is the provision of incorrect information from individual exchangers.
How to check the reliability of any exchanger on the Internet?
There are several simple ways:
  • Look at the domain of the site. Honest exchange offices do not work on free hosting with a domain of the 3rd level.
  • Check for presence in blacklists. Do a search on the domain of the exchanger you are trying to use (for example "superchange.ru") in search engines (Google, Yandex).
When I filled out an exchange application, I entered incorrect recipient details. What should I do?
As soon as possible, contact the support service of the exchange office so that the operator has time to cancel the transfer.
I sent money to one of the exchangers, but the exchange has not yet been conducted. What should I do?
Sometimes, some exchange offices, like any other organization, may have problems with timely provision of services to their customers. In such cases, we recommend our users:
  • A little wait. As a rule, most exchanges are completed within an hour, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the exchange office. The delay may be longer if the exchange was conducted outside of business hours;
  • To contact the support of the exchange office in which you made the exchange. Try different ways of communication, presented on the site of the exchanger - perhaps, some of them will be more operational;